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Ideal for both troubleshooting and application verification, Océ TrueProof enables accurate proofing of fonts, resources, and front-back page registration on-line, eliminating the inaccuracies that result when proofs from a local printer, or PDFs - which can only simulate the final printed document - don't exactly match the fonts, layout parameters, spacing and quality of the final output device.


  • Complete Online Viewing Capabilities
  • Océ TrueProof enables dot-to-dot comparisons of pages exactly as they will print on high-end digital printers for convenient and accurate viewing of pages onscreen.
  • Supports Multiple Printers and Platforms
  • Because Océ TrueProof is capable of supporting multiple printers and platforms, you can keep the production shop running at full capacity and still accurately proof new jobs.
  • Accurate Font and Duplex Proofing
  • The Océ TrueProof instant viewing system provides an accurate representation of the way in which fonts and other resources will appear in print, and allows on-screen proofing of difficult duplex output to verify front-to-back registration accuracy.
  • Designed for Flexible Implementation
  • Océ TrueProof is based on the same reliable software as the Océ SRA controller, permitting highly flexible implementations in different system configurations and environments.

  • Moves proofing from the production floor to the design department, eliminating days from the review and approval process
  • Provides a complete and accurate prediction of the final document layout, look, and feel before committing press time to print
  • Helps printing operations increase productivity and profitability by eliminating the time-consuming steps and waste associated with setting up and running a production printer for a small quantity of hardcopy proofs
  • Enables shorter turnaround, enabling print operations to better accommodate tight production windows and last minute profits
  • Frees production printing resources to generate more output for increased revenue-generating device utilization

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